Uplifting Others

I have worked with many researchers across the years. Below are some profiles of those I was lucky enough to mentor. I strongly believe in collaborations, teaching students the theory behind their methods and viewing people as equals rather than a stepping stone for your own advancements.

Megan Dudenhoeffer

Current position: Assistant Technician, West Virginia University

Megan joined the wildlife genomics and disease ecology lab in January 2020. She is my right hand lady with an ecstatic personality. Megan has been able to pick up on our lab methods very easily and has assisted immensely with sample organization and data management. She is never afraid to ask questions and is always ambitiously increasing her skillsets in wildlife research.

Megan’s Website: megandudenhoeffer.weebly.com

Maximilian Kirking

Current position: Assistant Forensic Accident Reconstructionist, A&M Forensics and Engineering

Max worked as a technician in the Urban Entomology lab at Texas A&M from August 2017 – May 2018, while he finished up his B.Sc. I was responsible for training Max on our molecular techniques, databasing and sample organization. While working on with our molecular lab, Max also worked with our pest control researchers, maintaining insect colonies and performing industry-funded research focusing on pesticides.

Dr. Jasmine Madrigal

Current position: Field Application Scientist, Nanostring Technologies Inc.

Jasmine joined the Urban Entomology lab at Texas A&M from January 2017 – May 2017, while she completed her B.Sc. at A&M. I was responsible for training Jasmine on our molecular techniques, databasing and sample organization. Jasmine was an integral part of sorting thousands of samples and creating a well organized and documented system. She was also responsible for as assisting with our research to collect genetic profiles of termite colonies. Jasmine has since gone on to obtain her Ph.D. at University of Florida where her research interests focus more on microbiology

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